Troubleshooting OnTime Mobile for Windows Mobile

I'm trying to upgrade to a newer version of OnTime Mobile but cannot remove the older version.
Certain conditions in the Windows Mobile Operating System can contribute to this. Try following these steps:
  1. Try performing a soft reset on the device. This will generally free any resources that are locked and preventing the uninstall of the older version.
  2. After the soft reset, try removing by going to Start > Settings > System > Remove Programs, and remove the item: Vesigo Studios OnTime Mobile.
  3. Try reinstalling the newer version of OnTime Mobile.
  4. If installation is still unsuccessful, open File Explorer which can be found under Start > Programs > File Explorer.
  5. Using File Explorer, navigate to the program files used by OnTime Mobile. These are located at: My Device\Program Files\Vesigo Studios\OnTime Mobile\
  6. Under this folder, locate the file named OTPPC.exe and delete it. Deleting the file can be done by holding the stylus down on the file name until the context menu appears and then choosing Delete.
  7. Install the newer version of OnTime Mobile again.
  8. If you continue to have problems upgrading, contact Vesigo Studios at